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Julian's Teaching Ministry


I have been teaching the Bible for nearly twenty years. I derive great satisfaction and enjoyment in explaining the Bible to other people, and bringing inspiration to them. I am so grateful to the Lord for leading me into such a rewarding and interesting ministry.


I began teaching the Bible by working with the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in England, which is described on the "School of Biblical Studies" page. Since then I have been to teach in over twenty different countries, mostly around Europe, but also including Australia and South Africa. As a family, we have a particular interest in the former-communist nations of "Eastern Europe". Please use the link for further information.

       Teaching with translation into Korean


I continue to teach at many YWAM centres in the U.K. and around Europe. This is mostly with the SBS, where I normally teach through a book of the Bible in a week. Over the years I have taught through most of the books of the Bible, and I particularly enjoy teaching some of the more difficult and challenging books. These include Romans, the Gospels, Deuteronomy, Revelation, Daniel, and most of the other major and minor prophets.

A few years ago I joined the lecturing staff of Midlands Bible College, which is based in Wolverhampton in England. The college specialises in distance learning programmes in Hermeneutics (interpreting the Bible) up to degree level, which are validated by the University of Wales in Lampeter. At present, we have about 250 students from all over the world. I work part-time as a tutor and lecturer. I am the tutor for modules on the Synoptic Gospels, 1 Corinthians, Bible History, and a module on Exegesis and Theology. The website for Midlands Bible College is

I am also able to teach a series of seminars on a variety of subjects, which are listed on the "Seminars" page. I have often taught these on YWAM Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), when I go for up to a week and teach on how to study the Bible, giving some practical exercises in Bible study, and explaining how to understand the different parts of the Bible. These seminars are also very suitable for use in churches, and in other training programmes. Details of the study method are given on the "Inductive Bible Study" page.



For many years I have also been preaching in churches. I regularly preached at the church we attended in Nuneaton, and now at our own church in Ledbury, and other churches in the local area. I find that people really appreciate hearing relevant and challenging messages based on an in-depth study of a passage of Scripture.


I would be delighted to come and teach in your church, college, or training organisation. If you would like to invite me to come and speak, please contact me by email using the "Contact Julian" page.


Some comments from students:

"I thought he was a very clear communicator and obviously very knowledgeable. He was very inspiring and his enthusiasm came across well and made me want to read the Bible more and study it properly."

"His passion and knowledge really inspired me! He was great!"

"Julian was so interesting and I got so much about how to study the Bible. It seems so much of something I’d love to get into! I was inspired by Julian’s passion and  encouraged by his knowledge and wisdom."

"Changed my whole view of Bible Study and how to read the word!"